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Stansted Airport Taxi to Gatwick

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For travellers needing to transfer between Stansted Airport and Gatwick Airport, understanding the options for Stansted Airport to Gatwick Airport taxis is crucial for an easy journey with Stansted Travel Services. Located on opposite sides of London, these two major airports are pivotal points in many travel itineraries, making efficient and reliable transportation essential at all times.

Overview of the Journey

Stansted Airport is located approximately 42 miles northeast of Central London, predominantly serving low-cost and European carriers. Gatwick Airport, around 30 miles south of Central London, is the second-busiest airport in the UK, offering a mix of international and domestic flights. The distance between Stansted and Gatwick is roughly 70 miles, and navigating between these airports requires careful planning, particularly for those with tight connecting flights.

Advantages of Taking a Taxi with Stansted Travel Services

Choosing a taxi for the Stansted Airport to Gatwick Airport transfer offers several distinct advantages:

  1. Direct Service: A Stansted Travel Services car can provide a direct, door-to-door service, eliminating the need for multiple transfers and simplifying luggage management.
  2. Time Efficiency: A Stansted Travel Services ride is often faster than public transportation, especially during non-peak hours, helping ensure that tight flight connections are met.
  3. Comfort and Convenience: Stansted Travel Services cars offer a private and comfortable environment, allowing travellers to relax or catch up on work during the journey.
  4. 24/7 Availability: Our services operate around the clock, catering to early morning and late-night flights.

Estimated Travel Time and Cost

The journey by taxi from Stansted to Gatwick typically takes between 1.5 to 2 hours. Travel time can vary based on traffic conditions, particularly during rush hours in and around London.

The cost for a taxi transfer between Stansted Airport and Gatwick can range from £120 to £180. Several factors influence this price, including the time of day, traffic, and the specific car choice you require. Pre-booking an airport car with Stansted Travel Services can help secure a fixed rate and prevent unexpected costs.

How to Book a Taxi with Stansted Travel Services

Booking a taxi from Stansted Airport to Gatwick Airport can be accomplished through several convenient methods:

  1. Online Booking Platform: The Stansted Travel Services onlinebooking platform provides an instant quote and allows you to select the type of vehicle that best suits your needs in seconds.
  2. Email: If you are unable to book online then please email our Customer Care team who will be able to direct you.

Tips for a Smooth Journey

To ensure a trouble free taxi transfer from Stansted Airport to Gatwick Airport, Stansted Travel Services ask customers to consider the following tips:

  • Always Book in Advance: Pre-booking your airport taxi with Stansted Travel Services in advance can help secure better rates and ensure availability.
  • Verify Fixed Prices: At Stansted Travel Services we only provide fixed rates and so we'd always recommend that customer opt for a service that offers fixed pricing to avoid any unexpected charges.
  • Allow Extra Time: Always account for potential traffic delays, particularly if you have a tight connecting flight. Always quote the flight arrival time to us when booking please (for pick ups from Stanated Airport).
  • Confirm Pickup Details: Double-check the pickup location and mobile contact details to avoid any confusion upon arrival.

Additional Considerations

  • Child Seats: If you are travelling with children, at Stansted Travel Services we can provide child booster seats when booked in advance. Please quote your child's age when booking.
  • Meet-and-Greet Service: Stansted Travel Services offer a range of meet-and-greet options - please select the right one for you when booking. Our full meet and greet service cost extra but does mean that your driver will wait for you inside the terminal with a sign bearing your name. This can be particularly useful if you are unfamiliar with the airport.
  • Flight Monitoring: All Stansted Travel Services drivers monitor flight arrival times and adjust the pickup schedule in case of delays (in accordance with our terms and conditions), ensuring that your driver will be there when you land.


Choosing an airport car for your transfer from Stansted Airport to Gatwick Airport with Stansted Travel Services is a convenient and efficient option for travellers. With the benefits of direct service, comfort, and flexibility, our established service at Stanated Airport remains a popular choice for airport transfers. By planning ahead, booking in advance, and following the provided tips, customers can ensure a smooth and pleasant journey between these two major London airports with Stansted Travel Services.