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Travel Agents


With our bookings and accounting systems:

  1. Travel agents can easily book airport transfers for their customers.
  2. Travel buyers can enjoy hassle-free travel to and from the airport.
  3. Travel agents are able to add their own uplifts with our own white label booking services..
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Benefits to your customers

  1. Online convenience - 24-7 service. Customers can expect an airport transfer whatever time of the day they arrive at or depart for the airport.
  2. Comfort - Door-to-door service. Customers are fetched by service providers right at the airport and driven right to their hotel entrance.
  3. Hassle-free. The driver will handle the customers’ luggage.

Professional services
– All of our drivers are
trained in customer service

Benefits to your company

  1. Easy to use booking platform for your Stansted Airport transfers
  2. Improved customer satisfaction
  3. Customer loyalty
  4. Bookings in “real time” - email booking vouchers

How does it work?

Once you have registered with Stansted Travel Services will receive a unique travel agent login and password to access the booking system and make “real time” bookings for your customers.

You can access your bookings and check your status and sales online any time.

Should you have more questions, please consult our FAQ or contact us.